Friday, September 24, 2004


I talked with Bob, who said that his friend was a Vietnam vet just recently diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome. It has been forty years since he was in Vietnam and it is just now hitting him.

His friend feels fragile and on the edge. Bob saw Eyes Wide Open in Dayton yesterday, and as soon as he saw the 1,041 pairs of combat boots, he called his friend and told him not to come. He feared that it would be too traumatic for him to see it.

His friend told him that he has to come, he needs to come. He plans on coming on Saturday. Check back and see what happens.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

In my 30 years as an activist, I have never been so moved as I was this past weekend in Dayton with Eyes Wide Open. It's over and the tears still come.

One woman sat with her son-in-law's boots throughout the closing ceremony and hours before. As she hugged them, I assured her that if she wanted, we would pack everything in the truck and have her son-in-law's boots packed last. She finally laid them in the box knowing they would be honored in other cities around the country.

Our closing ceremony was very moving, with prayers of hope and appeals to peacemaking. Each person in attendance was asked to pick up a pair of boots and lay them in the holding boxes as a fairwell, and we did the same with the Iraqi shoes. It was a beautiful way to say goodbye.

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