Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Bronx Volunteer

The two Bronx residents had seen the Eyes Wide Open exhibit on TV and rushed down to Central Park to see it. Unfortunately they arrived too late as volunteers were packing up the boots.

As a consolation they asked to buy the special exhibit t-shirts, but Central Park policy prohibited their sale.

One of our staff gave them each a t-shirt if they promised to return the next day at 7AM to volunteer.

One returned punctually at 7AM. He had been out with friends the night before and was their designated driver. They got in so late that he just decided to stay up all night. He was afraid that if he went to sleep he wouldn't wake up in time, and he had promised he would be there.

He was so impressed with the exhibit and worked hard sweating profusely as he hauled the boots from the truck to Judson Memorial Church. He has been against the war and was so appreciative of the opportunity to DO something.


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