Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Union Square, New York City

The boots are displayed in semi-circles but there is not enough space to hold the nearly 1,000 casualties. The boots from Texas had to be piled up marking a tragic consequence of the war, even our large urban parks are not sufficient to hold the war's dead.

Early this morning, a woman was leaving the farmer's market nearby when she came upon the boots. Surprised and awed she stood open mouthed and then began to cry. She went over to the piles of shoes representing the Iraqi civilian casualties and began distributing the flowers she had just bought along the pile.

Her witness has caught on as many of the boots now are filled with flowers.

Later today a silent Quaker vigil with volunteers all wearing the T-shirts with the boots on front and the words "War is Costly." On the back of the shirt are the words in red and black, "Peace is Priceless."

The media swarmed to the park at 7:30AM as the volunteers were setting up.


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