Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Copley Square -- Boston

In New York an artist was willing to lend her over two dozen photos of Iraqis to Eyes Wide Open. Here is one of them standing among the shoes representing the 100,000+ Iraqis who have died due to the war. As the exhibit travels, more and more people, particularly with small children, find the shoes the most moving part of the memorial. Thanks to the blog "Off On a Tangent" for the photos. Correction: The artist of the photo represented is Lorna Tychostup. Please view her incredible work at Lorna Tychostup


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Lorna said...

A correction to Copley Square - Boston...the "artist" is a female photojournalist, Lorna Tychostup, who has been working in and out of Iraq since feb 2003.This is the second time this month I have been portrayed as a man. Is it assumed only men work in war zones?

Thanks, Lorna



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