Wednesday, November 09, 2005


We launched EWO’s visit to Boston by arranging to display the New England boots and a number of shoes in Nurses Hall in the Massachusetts State House (State Capitol.) Our plan had been to trumpet the coming of the full EWO by having the exhibit in the State House along with a press conference.

Even before we laid out our exhibit, we had our underwriting announcements running on the major NPR station and the Boston Globe gave us a great announcement and photo in the featured events section of their “Sidekick” section.

In addition to Jaime Lederer and me, speakers at the press conference included Andy Sapp, a very articulate Iraq vet who returned to the Boston area last week, Joyce and Kevin Lucey and Carlos and Melida Arredondo who lost sons to the Iraq war, Rep. Byron Rushing who arranged for the elegant State House space for us, and state Senator Pat Jelan.

Press who came included the Associated Press (the photograph went deep into the exhibit and told us that it was an AFSC staffer, who had returned from Southeast Asia in the late 1960s who turned him on to photography!), the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, New England Cable News, Channel 5 T.V. and the Roslindale….. which is doing a feature article about Carlos.

View a short video of the memorial at Copley Square.


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