Saturday, July 16, 2005

National Guard Memorial in Iowa City

As the National Guard Memorial stopped in Iowa City, a local volunteer writes this account:

"The most heart felt moment for me was a Canadian Native American who knew nothing about the exhibit until he and a friend passed by. He was moved to go back to his living quarters and bring back a drum and asked if he could sing a lament for the dead and a blessing song for those still in Iraq. It was a beautiful Native American chant-song that he sang as he accompanied himself on his drum. The only words that I could recognize were " Soldier boy, soldier girl" that came through as a refrain, the rest being in his native language.

I could hardly speak as I thanked him, I was so choked up. Others who heard it were deeply moved.

We have had many verbal and written words of thanks . The last being a neighbor here at my retirement residence who sent me a clipping of the event from the paper and the words "Bless you" written across the bottom."


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