Friday, April 22, 2005

Thank You from Sacramento

We will be publishing some of the thank you notes we have received or were submitted to newspapers in the wake of the western tour. Here is one from Sacramento:

I live in Sacramento, CA. I saw the exhibit shown on TV and thought wow!!! Then I saw in the newspaper that is was coming to Sacramento. I made a promise to myself that I would visit it. I got off work and hurried downtown, afraid that I would miss it. After driving around and around trying to park, I finally found a spot. I walked briskly to the site. Oh my breathless I was. To see and feel the impact of the boots displayed and the maze of shoes. I was not only speechless but scared. I felt scared for the people of Iraq and the military we have serving over there. The emotions of people that knew of fallen soldiers and the look on people's faces. As I walked around, the music of the young girl playing the Chloe and the silence was amazing. I do not know of anyone that has lost their lives but I do know a few young men over there. I cannot even imagine viewing their boots. What a wonderful addition to the day was to hear the prayer presented by the Muslim leader and how he said it in two languages. The man that presented the closing ceremonies brought tears to my eyes. The whole 45 minutes was so worth the effort it took to get there. Thank you so much for the enlighting experience....Rene


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