Saturday, July 03, 2004

Eyes Wide Open Front Page News in Philadelphia Inquirer

Eyes Wide Open opened yesterday in Philadelphia on Independence Mall — the boots, the wall and one thousand pairs of shoes (representing 1/10 of the Iraqi civilian victims) were on the lawn. The indoor educational portion was on the second floor of the Visitor’s Center.

Thousands of people have and will go through the exhibit, which will close tomorrow at 4PM.

It was front page of the Inquirer — above the fold, three color photos.

It is running every hour as a news story on the much listed to news radio station and it appeared on several TV stations. We also had a two-page article in the big free Philadelphia Weekly. AP Photo was there as well. And the local NPR ran a 3-minute story Friday morning.

By all estimation it was a great success and reached so many people from all over the country traveling to Philadelphia for July 4th celebrations.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger CBFTW said...

I'd be interested in veiwing those photographs. I am US ARMY soldier here in Iraq. Is there a website address for the exhibit? Just wondering. I have a blogjournal thing, talks alittle bout the war through my eyes,

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